Built for insight, optimized for speed.

Through running tests on ASO Giraffe, you'll be able to drill into your page insights to find out what works, as well as why, with accurate pages that load lightning fast for a native experience.

Lightning fast

Our pages load super fast. We use the latest standards to compress and load assets progressively, combined with our super fast servers and JS and CSS compression your tests load almost instantly.

Deep insights

Figure out what's working, and why with comprehensive insights on how users behave on your store pages. Information that Apple and Google don't want to share!

High accuracy

We've scrutinised the App Stores to replicate your store page to the highest accuracy, so you can take your learnings to your actual store page with complete confidence.

High-speed testing

By utilising the latest web standards, we serve our pages lightning fast, even on slower mobile connections.

With fast page loads, you can get your page in front of as many users as you can, cost-effectively, and ensure you have trust in your analytics.

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Did we say fast?

According to Google's Page Speed insights, there's almost nothing to improve about our pages, they score us over 95/100 for our page speed.


Deep insights

It's great to find out what works, but where do you go from there? With our deep page insights, you can also find out why, so you can decide where to go next.

  • Page heatmaps

  • Behavioural insights

  • Screenshot scrolling

Accurate pages

We've gone through the app stores with a fine-toothed comb to recreate them. Whether it's notch devices, no notch, portrait or landscape screenshots, autoplay videos on iOS or not for Google Play, we've got it covered.


There's more

We have a bunch of additional features to help your tests run smoothly. If you think we've missed something, get in touch!

Facebook pixel

Send your page events back to Facebook so you can optimise towards them and prioritise higher value users.

Custom install URLs

Set your own install URL so you can track traffic with your MMP, or even survey users after they've converted.

Export data

Export the comprehensive raw data from your tests and analyse however you want.

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